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Morning Bellabeat Time x Stephanie Waxberg


This year has flown by at an almost unbelievable speed… but what a year it’s been! It feels like just a few weeks ago that I was flying off to Ibiza to start a summer of backwards-and-forwards living between London and our little island hideaway in Dalt Vila. And with a wedding and honeymoon thrown in for good measure, it’s now nearly Christmas! I was chatting to a friend the other day about everything we both had to do before the end of the year and she stopped to tell me how her mum is always in awe of everything our generation manages to achieve – from endless travels between mountains of work to friendships, fitness and trying to hold down a steady relationship, all under the watchful eye of an almost ever present camera lens… And whilst our experience-rich lives are truly incredible, it can be exhausting, so more and more I’m trying to take a little time for myself. With a busy work and social life, I’m relishing those infrequent evenings at home, and I’m even trying to do a little quiet meditation from time to time to ease the end-of-year stress levels.


Workout Bellabeat Time x Stephanie Waxberg


When it comes to our ability to manage our sensitivity to stress, technology is often being seen as an enemy – I mean, how many miles are we scrolling and swiping every day, and what impact does it really have on us…? But when technology acts as a reminder to take those moments of me-time, it can be a force for good, and that’s where Bellabeat comes in. I was introduced to this innovative wellness brand a couple of months ago, and every time I talk to someone about their products the response is always the same: I need that!


Meeting Bellabeat Time x Stephanie Waxberg


Bellabeat aim to inform, inspire and motivate women around the world to become the best version of themselves, through the clever use of beautifully designed technology. Whether it’s their lifestyle trackers that double as a necklace that you won’t be embarrassed to wear outside the gym, their smart water bottle that tracks your hydration and actually reminds you to drink more water (how clever!), or their newest launch: Time, the lifestyle tracking watch that I’ll happily wear from day to night.


Work Bellabeat Time x Stephanie Waxberg


Time comes in my favourite rose gold as well as silver, and I think the thing that makes it stand out so much to me is that, unlike other trackers, the classic design naturally fits into my wardrobe, so you never need to miss out on tracking your data. From my 10 minute morning workout at home, to keeping me on time for meetings, lunches and travel plans, it fits every occasion. The watch syncs up to the Bellabeat app and tracks:

  • Activity: Track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes.
  • Sleep: Monitor how long and how well you sleep and wake up each morning with the silent alarm’s discreet vibration.
  • Reproductive cycle: Fertility charts and calculator allow you to view your ovulation days.
  • Meditation: Track your progress through the Bellabeat app, which has over 30 meditation exercises to help you de-stress.


Lunch Bellabeat Time x Stephanie Waxberg


I also love that Time is ready to give you that little nudge when you need it. No brow beating, just a little buzz from the vibration alarm that keeps you inspired to continue your wellness journey with notifications and reminders based on your daily goals.

So on that note, I’m off to get some extra steps in whilst I finish my Christmas shopping, before squeezing in a little meditation session before dinner with friends and a well-deserved early night!


Travel Bellabeat Time x Stephanie Waxberg


Shop Bellabeat Leaf trackers and Spring water bottles below or visit the website here to buy Time.


This post was created in collaboration with Bellabeat.

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