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Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury

Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury


When it comes to bridal beauty, I think every girl just wants to look the best version of themselves, but as with everything wedding related there are so many options… I love wearing make up and I actually really enjoy doing it myself – experimenting with colours, textures and products – but I felt like there was an expectation to use a professional on the big day.

I was lucky enough to have make up trials with some of the best in business, from the legendary Mary Greenwell to the iconic Charlotte Tilbury…! (Fun fact: Charlotte grew up in Ibiza and loves the island as much as we do, so when I mentioned that we were getting married there she offered to do my make up on my wedding day!! Incredibly sadly, she had already been booked for a product launch in Dubai on the date of our wedding… I have to admit, I did wonder if we could move the wedding…..!)

I even wondered if I should go down the mega glam route, with precisely applied contouring, eyelash extensions, the works. I’ve always wondered what I would look like with those Kardashian-style techniques, but ultimately I came back to the idea that I just wanted to look like me.


Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury


So on one weekend in August, I met with an incredible Ibiza based make up artist who had been recommended by a model friend. She used an airbrushed base, applied in light, sweeping motions, and the effect was incredible. It was soft and dewy – a look that I love – but it was guaranteed to stay put all day through the heat and the tears. So the big day came and Roisin worked her magic on my base, whilst I did everything else with my absolute favourite, tried-and-tested products.

You know that I’m already a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s glowing, “you-but-better” style, so my look revolved around her collection, with a couple of other products from brands that I swear by thrown in.

Scroll down for the finished look and a step by step guide…


Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury

Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury

Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury



I love to use golden shades with a warm reddish-brown to smoke out and contour my eyes so I started with the limited edition Exagger-eyes palette, which is just incredible! It has the perfect colours for a warm, subtle shimmery day-to-day look and just to amplify its credentials, it was used on all the models in the latest Victoria’s Secret show! I used the light prime shade over my eyelid, adding a little extra in the inner corner for an eye brightening sparkle, then a swipe of the enlarge shade in the crease line and under my eyes, and a brush of the define shade to contour. I added a little bronze and brown warmth from La Dolce Vita palette, using the eye blender brush in my eye crease and the eye smudger brush under my eyes. For a little extra depth and shimmer, I ran the Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Bronze under my eyes and and used Charlotte’s Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet at the outer edges. I intensified the look with a swipe of kohl along the waterline, a couple of coats of my favourite mascara, and a eyeliner flick courtesy of the easiest-to-use eyeliner pen from Guerlain. I can’t believe I used to leave my eyebrows au naturale…! These days I won’t leave the house without a few strokes of the Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil in Chocolate Brown. It really frames the face and it’s double ended, with a brush that softens and blends any harsh pencil lines.


I’m a sucker for a golden glow but I always keep my face out of the sun so I swear by Laura Mercier’s Matte Baked Radiance Powder. I wear shade 3, which is a beautiful natural bronze, without any garish glitter effect, and I brush it along my cheekbones and around my hairline for a natural contour using this brush. I never used to wear blusher but I discovered Pillow Talk this summer and it was love at first swipe. Sadly it’s now sold out but this one is similar. Later in the day I touched up my make up and dusted a little Magic Powder in Medium. It’s a light-diffusing loose powder which blurs imperfections without that flat mattified look.


I usually go pretty simple with my lips and I often just use a little Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, but for the big day I wanted a bit of natural colour so I used Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Pillow Talk lip liner and lipstick, which both of my bridesmaids wore too.

Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury


And that was it…

…until the afterparty, when the girls from In My Dreams arrived to

sparkle up the crowd with gems, jewels and glitter galore…!!

Cue mega girl band vibes!


Ibiza Wedding Make Up Bridal Style Charlotte Tilbury

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