What to Wear: Bridesmaids & Wedding Guests

What to Wear Bridesmaid Wedding Guest 2018

I’ve had so many messages over the past few months from followers who are looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses for their favourite girls (as well as a few last minute panics from guests about what to wear to our wedding) so I thought I’d put together a little post to help out.

Hopefully you’re a nice bride and want everyone to look and feel amazing – let’s leave the puff sleeve, pastel organza meringues in the 80s…! You’ll want to find a style that goes with the theme of the wedding, and that looks great next to your dress, without your bridesmaids feeling like they have to wear something that is more your style than theirs.

It’s good to be open and honest about your ideas. After all, these girls are your best friends. You’ll be telling them all about the plans for your wedding and your dress, so share the type of styles that you’re thinking about for them and ask them to get together some ideas of what they’d really love to wear. Have a think about whether your bridesmaids will feel comfortable in the same outfit. If not, you could pick a colour theme and get them to choose a style that they all love individually.

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, I always love a long dress – it just feels that little bit more special. A floor sweeping gown, or that super chic ankle grazing length, will always have you feeling ready to celebrate in an instant!

Without giving too much away, our wedding is going to be black tie and my bridesmaids are both skinny little minnies, but height-wise they could not be more different! I think we’ve found something that looks incredible on both of them, but we also made sure to enlist a tailor to make sure it fitted them both perfectly, which I’d definitely recommend.

Here are some ideas for upcoming weddings bell(e)s. Hopefully you’ll find something you love whether you’re an upcoming bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest!



I have to admit, I just love this look! Yes it’s all-out-glam, but you want your girls to stand out and shine bright like a diamond. If you’re into mixed metals, you could pick a range of sparkling dresses in gold, silver and bronze.



It might be traditional, but pastels are so pretty and they’re really having a moment right now. Pick out your favourite pastel, or choose a range of coordinating sorbet shades.



Ok so this is a little unorthodox, but if your dress code is black tie, it can look incredible. A friend was a bridesmaid at a wedding where they all chose their favourite black gown and wow, the girls looked stunning!



Want your girls to stand out? Go bright bright bright! At my bestie’s wedding earlier this summer we all ended up wearing red, but the initial plan was to each pick a different show stopping colour.



For a gorgeous tonal look, choose all white. I went to a wedding this summer where the bridesmaids wore matching ivory dresses and they looked amazing! If you’re a guest however, avoid at all costs. Whether it’s white, cream, ivory, off white… it’s a total no-no, unless you want evil eyes on you all day… I even heard of a friend of a friend buying backup dresses for guests in case anyone dared attend wearing white…!



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