Aquazzura Wedding Shoes

Aquazzura Wedding Shoes

Aquazzura Wedding Shoes

Aquazzura Wedding Shoes

The venue’s booked, the dress has touched down in London and I’m on to my second fitting, and the wedding plans seem to be pretty much on track… so next on the list was shoes.

I knew I wanted something glamorous – a sandal with a little “something something”, but ultimately I just want them to be a beautiful pair of shoes that will have me walking on air, skipping down the aisle and dancing until dawn… an uncomfortable bride is never going to be chic…

With all this in mind, Nicole, my fashion fairy godmother and one of the most stylish people I know, swooped in at the perfect time, offering a little Aquazzura magic!!

“Edgardo is more than happy for you to select a pair of shoes!
Let me know if you want to come to the
store with me and choose something…”

Hint: I said yes!

I still have to pinch myself sometimes at the thought of how lucky I am, and how overwhelmed I am at the kindness of my wonderful thoughtful friends who have gone out of their way to make our big day that extra bit special!

So the day came. I met Nicole at the gorgeous little Aquazzura store in Mayfair. Marble plinths, velvet banquet seating and golden edged shelves, all lined and topped with the most beautiful creations… Literally squealing with excitement, we picked out more and more styles to try, before yet another caught our eyes. A mule topped with a crystal encrusted buckle, a simple sandal topped with a silk fringing bow, an ankle tie stiletto adorned with sequinned flowers, a multi strap wraparound sandal… the list was almost endless, until I found the one! Ok, two… but one pair is for the night before! Can you guess which ones I picked?

They’re unbelievably comfortably – Edgardo just won’t compromise on this aspect of his designs – but they arch my foot in the most elegant way, and the subtle embellishment definitely adds a little “something something”. They’re perfect! And I can’t wait to show you! And there’s now just a month to wait…!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these beauties – perfect for a wedding day, or actually any day! I’ve already got a few on my wishlist. In fact, do you think Aquazzura does a wedding registry…?

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