That Tom Ford Glow


It may be September but I’m not giving up on that summery golden glow just yet! I love a dewy, shimmery make up look, but it just seems so much easier to achieve during the summer months when skin is lightly tanned with a natural golden glow. I’m pretty religious about keeping my face out of the sun (this hat has been on nearly all of my travels this summer) and I slather on the suncream (this one for face, and this one for body) to protect my skin and leave it perfectly moisturised and glowing. Now I’m back in London I’m trying to hold on to my summer tan (with a little help from this wonder mist) and keep the summery glow with the perfect products from Tom Ford Beauty.



Although I love a shimmery formula – from eyeshadows to lip creams – I’ve never actually been a real fan of using a specific highlighter product… until I found the Sheer Highlighting Duo in Reflects Gilt. It has the perfect rose and yellow gold shades, inspired by the sunrise and sunset, and the powder is super finely milled with a glowing shimmer, rather than a gaudy glitter finish. I start by brushing the golden shade over my eyelids, with this fluffy ponytail brush, then sweep it along the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and cupid’s bow, and I use the warm rose shade to lightly contour the eye socket.

I only started giving my eyebrows a little helping hand a few years ago, but WOW, what a difference it makes! It’s definitely funny to look back on photos from before… I started by using a flat brush and a little eyeshadow, but this Fiber Brow Gel is a super easy, long lasting way to plump up those eyebrows without going overboard. I use the Taupe shade and I brush my brows upwards before grooming them back into place.


I love a super dark plumping mascara so I’m really loving the Waterproof Extreme Mascara in Noir. It has a super long brush which really catches all the lashes and it’s all bristles so no scratching your eyes with those comb style brushes which I find tricky to use. The creamy texture seems to set and hold all day without flaking, but it’s still super easy to remove which is such a bonus after a long day!


I feel like Tom Ford Beauty is famous for their bronzers. I remember when the line first launched and we’d all rush to get a swipe of my friend’s compact whilst getting ready for a night out. The original bronzers were huge but this Soleil Bronzing Powder in Terra is the perfect size and gives a brilliant warm contoured bronze in a matte finish – the one product where I’m actually not a fan of shimmer!

I’m kind of obsessed with this Cream and Powder Eye Color in Golden Peach. Part from the fact the pot looks super cute, it holds the most gorgeous mousse-y textured cream that I use as a bit of an all- rounder. I use my ring finger (thanks for the tip Vicky!) to smooth a little on to my mid-eyelid to add a warm contour and then I dab a little across the centre of my lips for a super simple shimmery lip plump. The top of the pot holds a pressed powder, which is a little more glittery than I’d usually go for, but it looks great brushed right up against the lower eyelashes to add a bit of sparkle. I’m in love with the Golden Peach shade but I also want to try Sun Worship, which looks like a stunner for all out golden glam!


The final touch – a quick spritz of Soleil Blanc, the latest in the private blend collection, which literally smells of super chic summers at the beach.

What are your favourite products to keep the summer glow going? Let me know of any that you love and I’ll have to give them a try!


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