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I’ve always been relatively lo-fi with my skincare regime… Plenty of moisturiser, lots of water and a good oil cleanser was about as far as I got, but as I’ve got slightly older I’ve been more inclined to try out innovative products and the odd facial to keep my face looking fresh. Whilst I’m not particularly interested in a standard, relaxing facial, when the therapist ups the game with a lifting massage technique, scientifically advanced products, or a bit of gadgetry I’m all over it. So when Truly, a fabulous company that offers premium experiences, invited me to try out one of their spa experiences I searched through their listings and found a world renowned facial that I’ve heard amazing things about.


Face Place was founded in Hollywood in 1972, and it was originally aimed at men due to it’s no fuss, clinical approach to skincare, however it soon became popular with the ladies in their life due to the minimal downtime and rejuvenating results. Sense Spa at the beautiful Rosewood London became home to the first Face Place outside of the United States and it now offers their Signature Facial which is designed to meet the needs of both men and women.


After being welcomed into the treatment room, my therapist, Jessica, talked me through the steps of the facial, which lasts for 75 minutes. I lay down on the heated bed with my legs raised to increase circulation and she started with a gentle cleanse to remove any make up. Next, she placed damp cloths on my face and covered my face with a heated conical mask to warm the skin in preparation for the extraction phase of the treatment. This step was pretty unusual as the photos show!


With the heat mask complete, Jessica used a suction tool to remove any dirt and toxins from my pores, and then used a gentle rolling technique to complete the extraction. This was very gentle and quick, although I have pretty clear skin so it may take a little longer on some clients.


Next up came the bandages soaked in a vitamin C and zinc solution. These were wrapped around my face and neck and the electric pads were connected to run a galvanic current through my face. I have to admit this is the weirdest part of the experience. Not only do I look pretty terrifying (as the photos show), but I felt a slight buzzing sensation on my skin, along with a very strange and slightly unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth which I’d read about prior to the treatment. This lasts for around 20 minutes however Jessica kept my mind of it with a relaxing hand and arm massage.


Once the bandages are removed, the Skinceuticals serum and day cream were applied to my face and I was ready to go. My face looked fresh, with no signs of any redness or uncomfortableness, and the next day my skin looked super smooth, plumped and dewy.


As with any treatments, always chat through any concerns with your therapist before the treatment begins. I have to admit I was a little concerned before my Face Place experience as I found out that day that my friend had experienced a reaction to the treatment, however I asked my therapist to go easy on me, and I told her that I had a photoshoot the next day and would be in the sunshine the day after to ensure that it was a suitable treatment for me. Jessica was also great at talking me through what was happening at each stage of the treatment, so if there’s anything you’re unsure about, don’t be afraid to speak up.


You can book the Face Place Signature Facial, along with a whole host of amazing treatments and experiences through Truly here.


Have you had any amazing treatments that I should try recently? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.


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Truly is a premium retailer of unforgettable experiences in London and beyond, who offer everything from spa treatments and wine tastings to luxury designed mini breaks and space travel! Truly very kindly provided a complimentary Face Place Signature Facial. All views are my own.


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