Summer Florals

Fiskebäckskil, Sweden

Alice McCall floral print silk dress: style and steal

Fiskebäckskil is a traditional Swedish dreamscape. White wooden houses with red pan tile roofs fill the village and old fisherman’s boat houses line the inlet to the marina. The surrounding area is just dreamy, with wild flower meadows and old wooden barns punctuating the pretty countryside. We’d flown in for midsummer and decided to spend the weekend on the island, taking walks down to the water, exploring the local area where Carl spent his summers growing up, and generally taking it pretty easy, but there’s always an opportunity to dress up, so I wore this ruffled floral dress from Australian designer Alice McCall to a family friend’s birthday drinks party. There’s some seriously gorgeous design talent coming out of Australia at the moment, and having just discovered a couple of amazing stockists, I’ll be letting you in on my new label crushes over the next few of weeks, with girly styles from Alice McCall, architectural cuts from C/Meo Collective, and Balmain-worthy embellishment from Thurley.

Photos: Carl Waxberg


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