Self Portrait at Es Boldado


Es Boldado, Ibiza


Self Portrait white chiffon and lace midi dress: style

Katie Mullally yellow gold key necklace: style

House Thirteen gold bangle: style

House Thirteen gold arrow bangle: style

Catherine Zoraida gold bangle: style

Catherine Zoraida gold ring: style


I’ve been heading out to Ibiza each summer for over 10 years now and often our trips are a quick weekend break, or a jam packed week of fun with only a few hours to spare. We tend to stick to our old favourites, which are wonderful places, but we always say that we need to be a little more adventurous and get out to see the island. This summer we decided a girls trip to Ibiza was in order. The boys could join for the weekend, but the weekdays were all about girlie fun, and it was one of my best trips yet. We were staying at the gorgeous new OD Talamanca hotel, where the use of a Smart Car is available with their beautiful modern suites, so after chatting through some recommendations with their wonderfully knowledgeable guest relations, we headed out to explore. We spent the morning visiting the hippy market, driving through vineyards, over hills, and down into valleys that we never knew even existed, before heading west for lunch at a super special spot. Es Boldado sits on the rocks, down a long and dusty road, with the most spectacular view of Ibiza’s magical rock, Es Vedra. The menu is traditional with fresh fish and a fantastic arroz ciego (a paella style rice dish with seafood without the shells), and the setting is just beautiful. Wanting to dress up (as always!) but stay cool in the heat, I wore this beautiful breezy dress from Self Portrait. It’s a slightly newer style, and a step away from their heavier laces and crochets, but I loved the angel vibes, particularly when piled up with jewellery from Katie Mullally, House Thirteen and Catherine Zoraida.

Photos: Caroline Van Praagh

Shop the look, and some similar styles below, and let me know if you have any fabulous Ibiza recommendations that I just have to try.



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