When in Rome…

Rome, Italy

Our weekend away to Rome was the first time I’d ever been to the city, and from the moment we arrived I was totally in awe. The scale and age of the buildings is just breathtaking! We wandered the city streets on our first day in Roma, and each tiny street corner unveiled another mighty neighbourhood church, towering above, with decorative domes, carvings and mosaics. On our second day in the city, we were accompanied by Sarah, a wonderful private guide from Eyes of Rome, who gave us the most fascinating insight into the history of Rome (as well as answering some of my slightly less educated questions with good humour and grace). We were blown away by the sheer size and engineering of the Colosseum, which unbelievably was built in 70AD, and from up high on Palatine Hill we took in the majestic view of the Forum Romanum. Vatican City was another mind-blowing experience. The city-state, which is surrounded by Rome, headquarters the Roman Catholic Church, and houses not only the pope, but a treasure trove of art, sculptures, and magnificent architecture. Back in Rome, the city’s fabulous restaurants provided plenty of sustenance for long days of sightseeing, and the JK Place was the perfect retreat each evening.

Photos: Stephanie Peers and Carl Waxberg


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