Islandsberg, Sweden

Islandsberg, Sweden

Tatjana Anika green silk slip dress: style and steal
Hudson beige suede ankle boots: style and steal
AM Eyewear crystal grey acetate Sophs sunglasses: style and steal

After a relaxed day on the island, it was time to explore a little further afield. Growing up, Carl spent idyllic long summers with his family on the Swedish archipelago and they’d told me about a nearby walk that led to a house perched on the edge of a remote rocky outcrop. We set off in search of the house on another beautiful day. Wandering through meadows, tall wooded gullies, and out on to rocky, heather strewn hillsides, I was in awe of the surroundings. Every view seemed to be more breathtaking than the last, and the colours: of wild flowers that perfectly matched my Tatjana Anika frock, lichen covered rock, and wild blue sea, were made all the more vivid in the bright summer sunlight. We picked wild blueberries and redcurrants along the way, and soon reached the breezy peak, where we placed a small rock on top of the cairn to acknowledge our climb, before spotting the house, isolated out on its own craggy peninsula. As the sun began to drop we made our way home, back along the beautiful pathways in an amazing golden light to watch the sunset in the shadow of the windmill.

Photos: Carl Waxberg


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