Sunny Ceviche

Alila, Sandy Lane, Barbados

Vintage pineapple print cotton bralet: style and steal
Fashion Union aqua scuba skirt: style and steal
Vintage orange leather bag: style and steal
Zara beige studded sandals: style and steal
Marc Jacobs orange leather bangle: style and steal

After a couple of days out on the beach, we decided to test our culinary skills back at the villa. We were so impressed with the beautiful fresh fish on our first day down at the fish market that we headed back to see what today’s catch might be, and luckily we arrived just in time to see a huge kingfish being hauled out of the tiniest fishing boat. With the freshest fish, literally straight out of the sea, we were set on a lunch of ceviche and sashimi. We headed back up to the market and chose some beautifully lean tuna for the sashimi, firm, meaty swordfish for the ceviche as well as limes, red onion and herbs from the local stall. Adapting the recipe just slightly, we put together a zingy Bajan ceviche, with local hot sauce replacing the usual Peruvian aji amarillo chilli, and thinly sliced tuna sashimi, perfectly paired with spicy wasabi and soy sauce. Fresh, light and local, it was the perfect holiday lunch.

Photos: Carl Waxberg


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