Hipanema Beach

Foul Beach, St Philip, Barbados

Hipanema coral beaded bikini: style and steal

Victoria Beckham tortoiseshell sunglasses: style and steal

Pearl bracelets: style and steal

Nearing the end of our heavenly holiday, we decided to head back to the beautiful, yet ridiculously named, Foul Bay. We stopped by Cutters to pick up another delicious picnic of spicy shrimp quesadillas and mind-blowing rum punch, and went on our merry way down to the seaside. The surf was up and after making friends with some colourful cockerels, we took a wander to the very end of the huge bay to watch those huge waves rolling in. Sheltered by the towering cliffs, the light was incredible, and with a backdrop of stunningly blue water I danced, pranced and cartwheeled my lunch off in this fabulous Hipanema bikini. Carrie managed to track down this beautiful coral style as the perfect Christmas present for me and the brand is a fantastic find for holiday wear, with their huge range of colourful Brazilian bracelets and their new line of super cute bikinis. All too soon, the sun was starting to set and it was time to head home, from the beach, and from the island. The end of another heavenly holiday in Barbados…

Photos: Carl Waxberg


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