Bonjour Mes Amis




Brick Street, Mayfair, London



ASOS striped sweater: style and steal

Paige skinny cropped jeans: style and steal

Zara navy duchesse satin flats: style and steal

Victoria Beckham tortoiseshell sunglasses: style and steal

Hermes, Cartier & Carolina Bucci bracelets



When the sun comes out in London the city feels like a different place. Everyone has a little more spring in their step, smiles are handed out a little more freely and the big city becomes a friendly little neighbourhood. In the interest of joining the smiley happy people I slipped on this sweater to wish the Mayfair locals bonjour. Super casual and super comfy for a stroll in the sunshine around ma hood. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend mes amis!


Photos: Caroline Peers´╗┐