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Monday, 26 January 2015


Location: Crane Beach, St Philip, Barbados

Jets pink and black lace print bikini: style and steal
Victoria Beckham tortoiseshell sunglasses: style and steal
Pearl bracelets: style and steal

Barbados at New Year is notoriously busy. Every year, the same families make their winter migration from England and Ireland and it’s like one big annual reunion on the most easterly island of the Caribbean. We miraculously found ourselves with one quiet day, so we headed out in our little Jeep to the beautiful Crane Beach. Set on the south east of the island, the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea and the waves twist and turn and crash up against the rocky outcrops. It couldn’t be more different from the gentle waves and rum soaked beach bars of the west coast. We lay out and were soon covered in sand, blowing in on the breeze. It was time for a dip in the big blue and whilst trying to look even vaguely elegant lying against the sharpest of rocks, I was battered by a sudden huge wave… I may have been standing on a dreamy beach on a beautiful island in the middle of winter but looking like a drowned rat, it was certainly one way to be brought straight back down to earth!

Photos: Carl Waxberg

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